Lavandula Rejuvenating Glow Serum

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A lavender terpene infused version of Beauxcanna’s Rejuvenating Glow Serum. This powerful and fragrant lightweight treatment featuring full-spectrum 1000MG CBG & 1000MG CBD is designed to deeply replenish and wholly revitalize skin with organically grown, antioxidant-rich cannabinoids and natural terpenes for radiance, comfort, skin health and glow. This ultra-clean serum is the first in the world of its kind in quality and potency. Lavandula Rejuvenating Glow Serum, infused with natural lavender terpenes, is uniquely created to provide the purest clean ingredients with the best efficacy. The ground-breaking formula, free of binders, fillers, and artificial preservatives, helps to soothe and calm skin while locking in moisture to effectively revitalize and aid dry, tired and depleted skin. The potent levels of cannabinoids work together to help soothe and calm redness and inflammation while helping to support the skin barrier and combat environmental stressors

Not for oral consumption.

INGREDIENTS: Organically grown CBG and CBD with natural terpenes and organic grapeseed oil. 

CBG 1000MG & CBD 1000MG 

NET WT 1oz (30ml)