About the Founder

Shauneen Militello is the founder and CEO of Beauxcanna--a small-batch  skincare brand under Beaux Cosmetics that is focused on simple formulas powered by high-potency cannabinoids extracted from organic hemp plants grown by local farmers in California.

With a storied career background in clean cosmetics, law, and cannabis, Shauneen considers Beauxcanna a sum of all parts.  She became versed in the world of clean beauty at a young age through her father who ran the Department of Toxic Substance Control at the EPA in California, fascinating her with the plethora of chemicals in everyday cosmetics that were either not tested or had been officially banned in most countries except the US.  While working in the Los Angeles make-up industry, Shauneen became inspired by the effects that cosmetics had on one’s confidence. After completing undergraduate studies while working full time in make-up, she developed and launched her own clean cosmetics company, Beaux Cosmetics, which then inspired her to earn her law degree so she could become more in tune with that side of her thriving business. While practicing as an associate at a top global law firm, Shauneen advised a client who was navigating the early stages of California’s medicinal cannabis regulation. Intrigued by the plant and the possible ways it could enhance her passion for clean skincare, Shauneen partnered up on a new venture as co-owner of Cannaco Research Corporation in Southern California, a cannabis microbusiness that operates two staple dispensaries in Los Angeles.

It was at these dispensaries where she became one of the pioneers in the cannabis space. After years of deep dives into CBD and CBG and their effectiveness when working synergistically together, development on Beauxcanna began in 2018 when Shauneen formally set out to create a line of non-toxic, effective skincare that reduces the need for quick fixes such as foundation, botox and fillers and other coverups. After years of mastering the art of cultivation and extraction, Beaux released its debut product in 2022--a high-potency CBG and CBD serum made with locally grown organic hemp and grapeseed oil sourced from premium grapes in Italy--at select retailers throughout the U.S. and Japan.