About Beaux | Shauneen Militello

Beauxcanna is clean, luxury skincare for men and women that offers products with high-potency cannabinoid blends, disrupting the archaic beauty industry by bringing the natural benefits of CBG and CBD to the mainstream marketplace.

Debuting in 2023 across Japan and the US, Beauxcanna is centered on small-batch and simple formulas powered by of high-potency CBG and CBD along with natural terpenes and organic, non-toxic carrier oils. The result is a line of clean skincare that rejuvenates youthfulness through hydration and reduces the need for temporary quick fixes such as foundation, botox and fillers and other coverups.

Developed in 2018 by cannabis and CBD industry pioneer Shauneen Militello, Beauxcanna is a seed to sale product with triple lab test results that are easily accessible and demonstrate full transparency. Shauneen and her team of scientists have a true passion for natural wellness and harnessing the power of cannabinoids to bring out and preserve internal and external health.  They place sourcing, quality and potency at the forefront and believe that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put into your body, understanding that the skin is your largest organ and will absorb internally through the epidermis.

Made in small batches in Southern California with ingredients sourced from USDA organically certified hemp farms, all Beauxcanna formulas contain both CBG and CBD that go through a proprietary process.  The effectiveness of both cannabinoids and terpenes when working synergistically together delivers a powerful mechanism in naturally retaining moisture and establishes internal and external anti-inflammatory and calming properties, one that is much more effective than using a product with only CBD or one with low-potency.  Part of Beauxcanna’s mission is to educate the consumer, starting with the simple fact that many CBD skincare products are not focused on providing levels potent enough for the one ingredient to truly benefit the user.

Beauxcanna’s debut product is a 1000mg CBD:1000mg CBG Rejuvenating Glow Serum infused with natural terpenes and organic grapeseed oil that’s available in both a tincture and topical. Additional product categories will roll out within the coming months and will also contain both CBG and CBD in high-potency formulas.